It was a pleasure working with Success Capital while going through the SBA loan process.  Marsha and Bea made a point to keep me updated on how the process worked when the loan was getting started.  They always made sure I was notified before each process on what was going to happen and the information they needed from my company.  Success Capital is very professional and made me feel very comfortable doing business with them.
Steve Furtado
As with any construction project, there were plan changes and cost increases. Not only did Success Capital modify the loan to accommodate these changes, they maintained the loan’s availability for three years. Communication throughout the construction process was excellent.
Bud Wunsch
President, Big W Sales
We needed room for growth, and instead of leasing, wanted to acquire a nearby building to better manage operating costs. Success Capital was very efficient and had everything prepared and ready in a quick and accurate manner. We would like to share they were very pleasant and fun to work with, and are more than happy to recommend Success Capital for any business.
Javier, Victor, and Vicente Aranda
Aranda’s Tortilla Company
It was a multi-million dollar project that we were doing in that downturn of the economy. The excitement at Success Capital over our $6 million green building project was what made the venture possible, along with a positive partnership with my bank. It was really Success Capital that made it happen. It was the best kind of institution lending I have ever experienced.
Mike O’Brien, DVM
Owner, Beckwith Veterinary Hospital
We are forever grateful for the assistance of Success Capital. With their tenacious passion and partnership, they helped us realize our small business dream!
Shannon & Rafael Sakellariou
Owner & Manager, Splasherville Car Wash & Lube Express
Thank you Success Capital for helping us to purchase the new property. They did a great job, I’m very, very happy with them.
Juan Vega
President, Ross Roberts Truck Repair
Our strategic goal was to expand our facility while remaining in our existing location, by purchasing additional spaces in the building. Success Capital handled our entire loan process in a timely manner, working closely with us to ensure things went smoothly. We would definitely turn to them again.
Rommel K. Bal, DDS
President, Rommel K. Bal, DDS., A Dental Corporation
We wanted to construct a new facility for our Modesto Store, without having to use a significant amount of our cash reserves. Success Capital, along with Bank of Stockton, worked together to find a creative alternative to the typical significant cash down requirements of a conventional loan. Success Capital handled the entire loan process in a timely, excellent manner. Our beautiful new location showcases our company, thanks to their help.
Steve Mort
President, Don’s Mobile Glass, Inc.
We never really had access to a lot of credit, and wanted to expand our operations in Merced. Success Capital is a great resource, and walked me through all of the processes you have to go through.
Steve Kellogg
President, Flooring Liquidators, Inc.